TIMS SOE (Site Master)

    Task Issue Management System
    INCLUDES: License For 1 Seat.
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    TIMS (the Task Issue Management System)is a multi-user ‘issue tracking’ application that runs onall current versions of Windows (Vista to Windows 10). TIMS is a highly configurable client-server application designed to suit the needs of any organisation that needs to securely raise and track issues in thecourse of their daily operations, from initial issue logging,user/team assignment, tasking and issue closure.

    TIMS SOE (Small Office Edition) is designed for ease ofinstallation, ease of administration and low cost operations. Thisversion of TIMS does not require a specialised IT/databaseadministrator making TIMS SOE particularly well suited for smallerto medium sized organisations with no more than 200 users. Securityis a key feature, with the TIMS SOE database heavily encrypted andprotected by a system generated and managed password that meetsAES256 standards. Furthermore, critical system information –including user passwords and email addresses – are further encrypted within the TIMS database.

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