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Task Issue Management System
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TIMS (the Task Issue Management System)is a multi-user ‘issue tracking’ application that runs on all current versions of Windows (Vista to Windows 10). TIMS is a  highly configurable client-server application designed to suit the needs of any organisation that needs to securely raise and track issues in the course of their daily operations, from initial issue logging,user/team assignment, tasking and issue closure.

TIMS SOE (Small Office Edition) is designed for ease of installation, ease of administration and low cost operations. This version of TIMS does not require a specialised IT/database administrator making TIMS SOE particularly well suited for smaller to medium sized organisations with no more than 200 users. Security is a key feature, with the TIMS SOE database heavily encrypted and protected by a system generated and managed password that meets AES256 standards. Furthermore, critical system information –including user passwords and email addresses – are further encrypted  within the TIMS database.

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